Lawrence Baca on silversmithing, architecture and Santa Fe


Lawrence Baca is a jeweler from Santa Fe, New Mexico. He draws inspiration from the landscape and the natural, handmade architecture of Santa Fe.


Lawrence Baca, whose Hispanic ancestry reaches back generations in Santa Fe history, had little exposure to traditional Hispanic art as a child. It was actually the work of Native American silversmiths working in the late 1800’s that first attracted his attention. The era which is known as “First Phase” of Native American metalwork is characterized by sturdy designs and slightly imperfect shapes and stones. That original jewelry style is often what is referred to today as “Old Pawn.” At about the same time, Lawrence began to like the rough qualities of the old New Mexico Spanish Santos or religious images. Thus was born the distinctive style which has captivated visitors to Santa Fe for more than 25 years. The recipient of numerous awards and with a following throughout the country, Lawrence Baca may be one of the more important silversmiths to come out of Santa Fe in recent years.


This episode of Beyond the Gallery is brought to you by the Great Southwest, located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Great Southwest offers jewelry, arts and furniture, classic to contemporary. Learn more about Lawrence Baca and view some of his work at

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