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Editing and Sharing Your Videos

Movies for Makers #004

The prospect of editing a video can sometimes feel so daunting that it stops some makers before they even get started. In this episode of Movies for Makers, Zach and Jen build a basic understanding of video editing that will help you better understand the...
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Recording Quality Sound for Your Videos

Movies for Makers #003

To make great videos, it’s important for them to not just look good but to sound great, too. The audio in a video is a huge part of the viewers’ experience, and one many people simply overlook. In this episode of Movies for Makers, we cover...
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How to Be Watchable (or Being Yourself On Camera)

Movies for Makers #002

Getting used to seeing and hearing ourselves on camera can be a significant challenge, or even a stopping point for many makers. In this episode of Movies for Makers, we share stories and practices from our own journeys both behind and in front of the...
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Choosing a Camera and Shooting Tips

Movies for Makers #001

When it’s time to start making videos, you may be asking yourself, “what camera do I use?” You may worry the camera you have isn’t good enough, or that you’ll end up spending more money than you need to on a new one. In the first...
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5 Types of Videos for Artists and Makers to Create

Movies for Makers

If you made a short video, where would you get started? A good place to begin is to choose what type of video you want to make. In this bonus episode of Movies for Makers, Zach and Jen introduce five types of videos that could be a great...
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