Be Ready to Record Videos in 5 Days to Grow Your Creative Business

Feeling drawn to make videos but overwhelmed by the setup process and what to learn? I’m determined to help you jumpstart your video content for 2019 with ease and joy. In this free 5-day challenge, you’ll learn a simple framework to plan videos easily, every time. Less set-up time for your videos. More results.

You’ll also get new tutorial episodes with practical video marketing advice, conversations with creatives, and offers from me. And you can unsubscribe any time.

We’ll start Monday, June 10.

Day 1: Collect video ideas without frustration.

Day 2: A simple storybook approach to marketing and teaching videos for your creative business.

Day 3: The Common Ground, or one secret to making videos that people actually want to watch.

Day 4: Take the guesswork out of what to say in your videos.

Day 5: Your minimal recording setup in your studio or workspace.

During the challenge I will send you a daily email with a mini video-making lesson and a doable action step for you to implement, which will help you be ready to record your videos.

Plus I’ll also do a live coaching call every day of the challenge to answer all of your questions and make sure you’re getting everything out of each day’s lesson and action step.

Together we’ll create a small community to support each other in making videos that grow our creative businesses. Hope to see you there!