Kim Wiggins on painting, love and the lyrical quality of New Mexico


Oil painter Kim Wiggins is featured on this week’s episode of Beyond the Gallery.  He fell in love with the history of the Southwest at a young age and is inspired by the lyrical, magical qualities of New Mexico. Kim Wiggins is from Roswell, New Mexico.


The values, concerns and life of a society are reflected in the art of that society. In reality the artist is the soul of a society. Thus, a work of art must expand beyond the image to a timeless message that is central to both the quality and expression of the work. Throughout history the artist has sought to penetrate the surface of appearance to explore the intimate visions, passions and spirit of their cultural environment. Transcending mere technical ability, the artist must communicate with the hearts of people, places and ideas, for in the end his work alone will stand as monument to that culture.


This episode of Beyond the Gallery is brought to you by Manitou Galleries, located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and artist Kim Wiggins, based in Roswell, New Mexico. Manitou Galleries offers one of the finest collections of contemporary representational paintings, sculpture, prints, glass, and fine jewelry. Learn more about Kim Wiggins and view some of his work at

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