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Beyond the Gallery

Beyond the Gallery is playground for exploring creativity, where we uncover amazing creatives’ stories, and strive to put a little beauty into the world.


Beyond the Gallery is an independent, award-nominated documentary web series that includes 58 episodes across 6 seasons in 24 cities (so far). In 2018 viewership broke 270,000 views.

Each episode we focus on one artist or creative as they share why they create, the challenges and rewards that they’ve experienced through their work, and more.





Below are all the episodes (from newest to oldest) that I’ve released to date, and each includes show notes, links, and resources.


Using design to elevate a community with Dave Goe

Wooden boats and the stories they tell with Ken Fucik


Collaboration in songwriting and music with Kevin Larkin

Monotype and exploring creative practices with Taiko Chandler

Tactile art and creating access through touch with Ann Cunningham

Making a positive impact through art making with Carlos Frésquez

Installation art and living life with De Lane Bredvik

Weaving and what it means to be human with Wendy Kowynia

Grace, Gratitude, and Creativity in Colorado – Beyond the Gallery: Season Five


Wabi-sabi and the art of floral design with Cornelia Peterson

Textile art and drawing as meditation with Ayn Hanna

Plein air painting and bringing the outdoors in with Amy Evans

Forging and watching the metal move with Steve Williams

Sustainability and handcrafted artisan spirits with Connie Baker

Being in love and creating with Becky Chappell

Creativity is Magic in Colorado – Beyond the Gallery: Season Four


Bronze sculpture and the wisdom of nature with Yoshitomo Saito & Making of

Hip Hop and the art of writing with Idris Goodwin & Making of

Having fun with portraits and art class with Cynthia Barnes & Making of

Sculpture and ceramics with Chandler Romeo & Making of

Architectural and urban design with Kevin Yoshida & Making of

Creating community through local food and craft coffee with Russ Ware & Making of

Art and joy of learning to dance with Louise Leise & Making of

Halloween props, masks and monsters with Ed Edmunds & Making of

Metal Art and collaboration with Wendy Scheck & Making of

Performance art and speed painting with Armando Silva & Making of

10 More Colorado Artists and Creatives – Beyond the Gallery: Season Three


Carving and etching glass with Lark Abel

The love of playing the guitar with Jaquie Gipson

Curating creativity with Maruca Salazar

Tranquility and mixed media with Eric Candee

Creating with heart with Kim Faiella-Furrh

The art of brewing craft beer with Tom Hennessy

Artists’ books and working with objects with Alicia Bailey

Silkscreen printmaking and poster art with Mathias Valdez

Baking with love with Nicole Paradisa

The magic of painting with Rodney Wood

Making clothing with recycled fabric with Elisabeth Delehaunty

Blacksmithing and the rhythm of steel with Tom Bennett

Making costumes for folklórico dancers with Velma Roybal

The art of distilling whiskey and gin with P.T. Wood

Stainless steel, seduction and oil painting with Mai Wyn Schantz

Songwriting and performing with Bill Powers

Painting and the joy of mixed media with Kellie Day

Sculpting with found objects with Jimmy Descant

Creating characters and teaching with Colin Sullivan

Food integrity and artistry with Chad Scothorn

Art and architecture with Jodie Shike Wright

Beyond the Gallery returns for Season Two


The natural world, poetry and being in the studio with Pat Musick

The magical moments in sculpture with Jim Agius

Spanish Colonial art, retablos and bultos with Catherine Robles Shaw

The emotive nature in woodblock art with Leon Loughridge

Silversmithing, architecture and Santa Fe with Lawrence Baca

Passion and wood carving with Peter Ortega

Painting and visual melodies with Doug Dawson

Designing jewelry and making small decisions with Richard Lindsey

Painting, love and the lyrical quality of New Mexico with Kim Wiggins

Painting, soul and dry brush watercolors with William Haskell

Landscape and choosing what to paint with John Axton

Painting places and making art with Barry McCuan

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