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Wooden boats & the stories they tell with Ken Fucik

Beyond the Gallery | Season Six

by Zach Wolfson in Beyond the Gallery
May 31, 2019 0 comments

On this episode of Beyond the Gallery we’re with Ken Fucik, a wooden boat maker in Grand Lake Creative District.

Every classic boat has a story to Ken. Each one is a piece of history, reminding us of what things were like, and gives us an appreciation for the lives of those before us.


Ken is a founder and director of the nonprofit Rocky Mountain Wooden Boat School in Grand Lake, Colorado. Prior to starting the school, Ken spent 40 years in a career as an environmental scientist where he specialized in water quality projects. During this period, he also owned an antique store with his wife Linda which helped fuel an interest in refinishing old furniture. Originally, his vision in retirement was to have a workshop where he could build wooden kayaks. However, when someone offered an old Mullins rowboat that was destined to be converted to a flower planter, it seemed only natural that this was a restoration challenge not to be passed up. As the word spread, a number of old wooden boats were donated to the school and a new career was begun. Today Ken likes to tell people that there is no such thing as retirement and he only exchanged a paying job for a nonpaying one. The School provides an opportunity to use that part of his brain that was never satisfied while meeting the demands of his scientific career. It also helps him come closer to his fantasy of driving around town in a 1949 Woody station wagon while pulling a restored 1949 Chris Craft Runabout.

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The song “Time to Move On” in this episode is by Grayson Erhard, a Colorado-based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Explore and enjoy even more of his music at →


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