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Infusion5 is a blog and video project started from a love for creativity and the pursuit of the human element within creative work.


You’re probably here for creative reasons. A friend may have shared a link to a video here that they thought you’d enjoy or find helpful. Maybe you’re an artist, a blogger or a creative entrepreneur. My point is you pour yourself into your work with your hands and heart. Making stuff for people to use and enjoy is fun, but it’s also really hard – the creative process can be a lonely one, and on top of it all, when the work is made and out there, promoting ourselves in an authentic way is difficult to do.


I made this site for you: For motivation, inspiration, creative enrichment…For those days when you need a kick in the pants to push through on a project…Or simply for insights directly from another creative’s approach to their work, who may or may not share in your creative discipline. I’ve learned numerous things about myself and my own process because of each person I’ve had the privilege to film and collaborate with on Beyond the Gallery. I know you’ll gather valuable takeaways from their interviews, too.

Plus, I want us to be a community here. I encourage you to share your thoughts and experiences with everyone in the comments of posts. Or if you’d prefer, just email me directly – I’d love to hear from you.


I graduated from Colorado College in 2007, where I got my undergrad degree and studied poetry, creative writing and filmmaking.

I am a filmmaker and educator. I founded and run a video content and strategy studio based in Denver, Colorado.

I believe promoting ourselves as creative entrepreneurs doesn’t have to feel sleazy – we can be authentic and nurture quality relationships with our audiences online. And video is the best tool to do it.

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