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Monotype and exploring creative practices with Taiko Chandler

Beyond the Gallery | Season Five

by Zach Wolfson in Beyond the Gallery
November 19, 2018 0 comments

This week I have another episode of Beyond the Gallery for you and it’s with my new friend Taiko Chandler. She is an artist based in Denver, Colorado, and she works primarily in printmaking.

On this episode we talk about exploring new creative practices, growing up in Nagano, Japan, putting yourself out there through creative work, growing through taking risks, and more.

And in case you didn’t catch the last episode with Ann – yep it’s in fact a conversation. If Beyond the Gallery were a podcast, it’d be this. This is a new format that I’m playing with for the show, and I’m so grateful to Taiko for exploring and playing with the format with me (thanks Taiko!).

Please find more of Taiko’s artwork at her website →


Taiko Chandler was born and raised in Japan. Since 1998, she has lived in Sheffield in the UK, Miami FL, Austin TX, and is currently living in Denver, CO. While professionally trained as a nurse, she has always been interested in art and a variety of expressive media. After taking a printmaking workshop at the Art Students League of Denver in 2011, she found herself in art – a way to express herself freely. Ever since, she has been pushing the limits of printmaking, while using other media to express her inner vision.


This season of Beyond the Gallery, and this year, mark a couple special milestones to me personally and professionally that I’d like to share:

  • This month – October 2018 – marks my 10th year in business. I’m so excited to celebrate 10 years serving and supporting artists and creatives.
  • As of this season, we’ve made 56 episodes of Beyond the Gallery. To celebrate, this episode with Taiko (and the episodes with Ann and Kevin, too) are a chance to play with the format of the show.

Enjoy! Thanks for being here. -Zach