Where to share videos: 2 keys to consider before uploading your videos

Ask Zach #003


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As you’re watching this episode, it’s possible you’re planning some new videos for your business’ website. Or, maybe you’ve just finished your latest video. Now what?

Where should you upload and share your videos online?



Before you publish your videos anywhere, let’s rewind and consider a couple key things:

First: Your Target Audience

With your target audience in mind, here are some questions to consider:

  • Where do you think they actually hangout online?
  • Where are they already watching videos similar to yours?
  • And, where are they seeking out information or inspiration that you could give them through your videos?

Brainstorm and make a list of your ideas around these questions.

Then dig in and seek out your audience online to see whether or not your ideas about them are true.

Second: Define What Success Looks Like for Your Videos

Let’s remember to consider a few key questions for your business’ growth too:

  • What would make your videos a success for your business?
  • Are you making them in order to reach new customers and grow your email list?
  • Are you making them to delight your existing customers?
  • Or, are you making them to straight up sell your product or service?

At the simplest level, videos are just one marketing tool to help grow your business.

Sit down for a bit and define what you want your videos to create for your business.

This will empower you to plan ahead and more closely test and track your videos over time as you serve your audience.

Thanks for watching!

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  • Thanks for the thought provoking post! I’ve been posting my videos on FB, you tube, vimeo, my website and blog. I never thought about seeking other locations…hmmm.

    • zachwolfson

      Thanks, Jane! That’s wonderful to hear. I checked out your YouTube channel and watched some of your videos. I really like the blend of different types that you’re making, some about specific pieces of yours, some are invitations to your workshops and events, while others are tutorials. The “Havana” and “Making a Christmas card” videos really stood out.

      Using “Havana” as an example, what if you searched for groups on Facebook that are related in topic to Havana, Cuba or to the media you made it with? And then shared that video directly in those groups?

      Make sure to consider the natural next step that you’d want people to make after they watch, and include that with a link in the written copy (description) with the video. For instance, “Buy this piece here” or “Learn how to make a piece like this yourself.” That way for those people who are interested in taking that specific next step, it’s seamless for them to take it right then and there. The key is to choose a next step that’s BOTH a natural fit for your target viewer’s desires AND for the business goal that you want this video to serve for your business.


Get My Quick-Start Guide

10 (Easy-to-Use) Tech Tools to Create & Publish Videos for Your Creative Business

it's free!
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