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Colin Sullivan on creating characters and teaching

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November 28, 2013 0 comments
Colin Sullivan


This week, as you’re enjoying Turkey Day with your loved ones, take a moment to meet Colin Sullivan, an actor and educator from the Telluride Arts District, Colorado Certified.

Colin believes good actors and good teachers do things that are similar, but their processes are different – being a good teacher is about the kids, and being a good actor is sort of about you.

As an audience member, how do you view an actor on stage? Do you think teaching is a form of performance? Please consider sharing your thoughts in the comments below!


Colin Sullivan holds a B.A. in theatre arts from St. Lawrence University and a Master’s in Teaching from Fordham University. He has trained as an actor, in the Actor’s Theatre of Louisville’s professional apprenticeship program and the Michael Chekhov Institute. Along with his role as the company Executive Director, Colin is an instructor in the company’s unique ACTions education programs and a company actor. Colin has appeared in many of the company’s past productions including: Bella & Buckley’s, Inaccurate Reenactments, Bear It, War of the Words, Squids Live, Big Love, Cataclysm, CON, Barry, Alice Underground, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, WAKE UP!, The Importance of Being Earnest & Dinner with Dionysus.

[box type=”note” border=”full”]Visit Telluride Theatre to learn more about Colin and to experience more of his work →[/box]


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