Forging and watching the metal move with Steve Williams

Beyond the Gallery | Season Four


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by Zach Wolfson in Beyond the Gallery
June 28, 2017 5 comments



This week we continue this season with Steve Williams, an ornamental blacksmith in Mancos Creative District.

Forging the metal is the most rewarding part to Steve. He just likes being able to see the metal starting to stretch – it does something to his soul to watch that metal move underneath his hammers, and that’s the joy of it.


Steve was born in southwestern Colorado and attended Frank Turley’s blacksmithing school in Santa Fe twenty-one years ago. He apprenticed with three outstanding blacksmiths in southwest Colorado for eight years. Steve’s career has included mostly creating custom architectural ironwork, but in the past five years he has turned his focus toward teaching the craft of blacksmithing at his school in Mancos, CO.

Discover more about Steve’s ironwork and teaching at →


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  • Dara

    A great video..I really like how you captured his love for the work and how he found it. He has a beautiful philosophy of teaching which comes across so well. 🙂

    • Thank you, Dara! Steve really does have such an amazing approach to his work and teaching.

  • Mary Hockenbery

    Zach love to watch your videos. Your series of artist profiles are engaging and informative. They touch my heart!

    • You’re so thoughtful, Mary – thank you so much for your support! It lights me up to hear that they resonate with you.

  • Another great interview Zach Keep them coming, the more you do this the more we can keep the arts and creative world going as it is starting to become a lost reality. The more we lose our kids to the TI side of industry the more we lose to family traditions that have been passed on for generations


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