How to Be Watchable (or Being Yourself On Camera)

Movies for Makers #002


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by Zach Wolfson in Movies for Makers
March 22, 2016 5 comments

Getting used to seeing and hearing ourselves on camera can be a significant challenge, or even a stopping point for many makers.

In this episode of Movies for Makers, we share stories and practices from our own journeys both behind and in front of the camera. Plus, we answer live questions and a couple questions that you may have emailed me about previously, too!




(1:18) Start by asking yourself: Where is your area of greatest challenge when it comes to being on camera?

(2:21) Practicing is really the key to being yourself on camera.

(4:23) The Secret Listener Technique

(6:03) The One-Week Vlogging Practice

(12:00) Work-arounds if you just can’t even go there and put yourself on camera just yet.

(13:57) The value that putting yourself on camera can provide for both you and your audience.

(16:49) Tips for Being Yourself On Camera:

  • Matching your eyeline to the camera
  • Benefits of looking at the lens vs. looking off-camera
  • How to energize yourself naturally with music before hitting record
  • Why watching videos of people whose energy you resonate with will help you be yourself on camera

Questions and Answers:

  • (27:33) Where is the best place to position the camera and your monitor screen to maintain natural eye contact with a viewer?
  • (32:28) What colors of clothing are best to wear on camera?
  • (37:13) How do you become more energetic on camera without coming across as manic or false?
  • (45:56) How do we practice being compassionate when we edit videos of ourselves?
  • (50:15) How do I figure out what to actually say on camera?

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  • Jamee

    Wonderful tips, Jen and Zach! Thank you for going into so much detail on this topic, I really need to hear this, especially the part about being compassionate with yourself and imagining compassionate viewers.

    • zachwolfson

      Our pleasure, Jamee! It’s such an important topic for all of us, and there’s so much to it that I feel like we could talk for hours together and only begin to scratch the surface. Thanks so much for watching and sharing your thoughts too!

  • Yes! My favorite parts were Zach’s point about gaining confidence away from the camera by doing the work in front of the camera, and Jen’s idea about reframing nerves as excitement.

    • zachwolfson

      That’s so wonderful to hear, Gwenn, thank you!

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